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Why Self Storage Is So Successful & What’s To Come

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While you might think the storage industry to be somewhat dull, what you might be surprised to learn is that it has evolved to make millions each year as an industry. As a society we use storage more and more now, giving the industry a resilience which has helped to spawn more benefits for customers. The mix of rising revenues and customer focused thinking continues to urge the industry forward. In this article, we’re going to look at the industry’s best innovations and the things which might be coming to a storage facility near you.


Storage To Suit Consumers

There is one very important thing the storage industry has done to cater better for its customers, and that’s giving them what they need. Storage shouldn’t be a chore, and if you need access to your things you should get it. With self-storage, the facilities were opened up to cater for this need, helping to draw in a new customer base – one which includes students and other people who only need a place to store a few things for a while without being locked out.

At the same time, flexibility over storage lengths has contributed to a rise in the take-up on such services. No longer must people be locked into contracts for lengthy periods, convenience is king with flexible storage lengths.


Future Innovations

The simple changes made by the industry, discussed above, show that this is an industry in which change can bring positives for both customers and storage facilities themselves. Here are just a few of the things which could hold the future of storage:


  • Is there an app for that? Well, there could soon be. In the states some companies have already developed an app service to assist people in booking in their items for storage. These dedicated apps could shake up the way you interact with storage companies, arranging for the pickup and redelivery of items.
  • Shifting the use of spaces. Empty units in a storage facility can cost a company money, something most facilities will come across in their time. But what if those empty spaces were still put to good use by someone else, not necessarily for storage? Where empty units exist, some companies now let musicians rehearse and artists paint. This gives people a closed, remote space to use for a fee and prevents companies losing money on units.
  • Sharing is caring. We all have items which we feel like we need to keep but which we don’t ever really use that much. This is the driving issue behind the lending storage facility which has emerged across the pond. People can now lend out their items if they choose to, but only for family and friends. People will view your items and take up the offer if they can put the item to use – creating a way for all those unappreciated items to get a new lease of life rather than having them sit in the dark until you finally need them again.


It’s easy to see how the storage industry can continue to forge a future for itself. Our country is quite obviously smaller than most, making saturation of storage facilities more likely, but that shouldn’t stop us from making the storage industry a more practical, easy to use, and communal service.

With flexible storage options you need look no further than Nationwide Storage. If you’d like more details about our facilities simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help, whether you need long term or temporary space to store your possessions.

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