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What To Consider When Choosing A Storage Provider

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Nationwide Storage Loading bayStorage is a great option for people who don’t have the room at home for some of their possessions or for people who need somewhere temporary to store their things. There are so many reasons storage can be useful, but you need to ensure that you can trust your storage provider and that they are offering a good service.

Don’t simply choose the first provider you find, do some research and work your way through our top tips on things to consider when you’re looking for a storage provider.

SSA UK Membership

There are European standards when it comes to storage, not just anyone can gain this membership. Companies must meet the regulations set out in order to gain and maintain membership into SSA UK (Self Storage Association United Kingdom).

This membership is a signal of the quality of the storage provider in question, from this you can take confidence that they meet all of the European standards and that you can expect nothing but an excellent service.

Secure Premises

1M5A2501One thing you most definitely want from a storage company is the peace of mind which comes with their security. The best way to decide whether you feel the premises are secure is to have a visit at the site. The staff can explain to you what measures they have in place and you can see for yourself whether your things will be well protected. On a guided tour you’ll be able to see how the company operates and what their procedures are.

Access All Areas?

Access to your storage unit is quite important, especially if you want to move things in and out on a regular basis. No one wants to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and you shouldn’t have to be. Check that the units are easy for you to get to, is there a lift if your unit is based on an upper floor? Think about the kind of access you want and whether the company offers this for you.

What Are The Staff Like?

Nationwide Storage - moving house boxes womanAs with any service, the people employed by the company should meet your standards. Find out if there will always be staff on site in case you run in to an issue, also gauge how attentive and friendly they are. Do you like their style and do you believe your things will be safe under their watchful eye? Don’t be afraid to ask staff any questions you have too.

Clean & Well Ventilated

Regardless of what you are putting into storage, you will want to know that the units are kept clean and tidy for you. Ventilation is also important in order to avoid damp and mould festering on your possessions. It might not seem that important when you’re putting your items in, but you won’t be happy when you come to reclaim your items if they’re dusty, damp and mouldy.

If you’re looking for a storage facility you can rely on then look no further than Nationwide Storage. Contact us today to discuss the storage options we offer or pop down to our facilities to check out whether we’re the right storage provider for you.


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