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The world of storage boxes

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It may seem like a slightly dull thing to think about, but just stop for a second and consider how much we use boxes in everyday life. At first you might only think of a few examples, but when we reflect on the variety of boxes and storage vessels available to us there are actually a myriad of ways in which we utilise this common, underappreciated item.

In this article we have categorised a range of box options, with considerations for what each material and size of box can be used for in everyday life.

Security and Stability

When you want to take care of something, you’ll ideally want to invest a little more money in the way you store it. Wooden boxes offer security and stability, they are robust and stand up to the rough and tumble nature of shipping or air freight travel. Similarly, the smaller items we hold dear to us are often placed into small wooden boxes; jewellery is a perfect example of this. The box may not always be lockable, but we gain assurance from its sturdy materials that if it’s dropped or bumped for any reason that the contents will be safe from damage.


Woman carrying moving boxesFor many people, when storing items that aren’t of great importance but the location of the storage itself is, then decorative boxes are vital. Some people prefer to store junk such as toys or household trinkets in an eye-pleasing trunk or decorative chest. For others the appeal lies in matching up the storage box to their current interior design. An elegant but minimalist box can either suit the neutral tones of a room or even be made of the same wood to match any finishes, such as fireplace surrounds or flooring materials.

Storage and Removals

The most common reason people can think for needing to put things into boxes is for storage and removal. Cardboard boxes are there for the popular preference in this instance because of the temporary nature of the material. There need be nothing fancy about your boxes if you’re simply putting excess possessions into long or short term storage facilities. Uniform boxes are much easier to plan packing with and can be stacked if loaded properly, making them easy to transport and easy to leave unattended.

Home storage

iStock_000004742580XSmallIf you’re keeping things in your home but would prefer not to have boxes on display all the time, then plastic boxes are both cheap and durable – if you choose coloured boxes then you also get the added bonus of matching them to the interior of a room. Often these boxes are used to store things that need to be quick to hand but also easy to stack in the wardrobe or slide under a bed. Children also appreciate having their things stored in boxes that represent their favourite colour.


Here at Nationwide Storage, we provide packing materials for your storage needs. We have a range of sizes for cardboard boxes and can even provide extra materials such as bubble wrap and tape. To discuss your storage needs with our professional team simply contact us via phone or email today.


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