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The Portugal barn find story

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Whether jewellery, antiques, cars or any kind of collectable, we all dream of making an unexpected find from which we can make a profit and as a nation of hoarders this one story is one which should have mass appeal.

Whether you’re a collector or a dreamer the Portugal barn find story is something of an internet legend now. In this article we’ll explain the details and – somewhat reluctantly – break open the truth behind this seemingly amazing story.

barn_find_articleThe story of the barn is that years ago, a wealthy American man was looking to invest his money in a wine house in Portugal. The plot he acquired actually gave him more than he bargained for in the shape of an old metal barn which had been welded shut. It was originally believed that the purchase was made with little attention given to the barn as no one could get in it and the assumption was that it contained little of value.

Once the doors were prised open it was revealed that there were hundreds of classic cars, covered in dust but highly valuable. The models inside were from as far back as the 1950s and from the pictures which surfaced the legendary story took off.

Now to shatter the illusion: if you thought the story of collectable car storage and subsequent find was too good to be true then you’d be right. It’s only half true, since there was never anyone who bought the barn, let alone anyone crazy enough to sell such a thing.

The cars belong to a collector who parked the cars in the barn and sealed it when it was full. Whether this was to allow them to accrue value or just to protect them is unknown but the pictures were taken to help create an inventory but managed to find their way onto the internet. The exact nature of why the collector did what he did is unknown but it’s rumoured that after the Carnation Revolution in the 1970s many people were selling or hiding their cars and this is why the collection is so vast.

There are estimated to be around 180 cars in total, none of them for sale and the details around the location as well as the names of the people involved are a closely guarded secret. It just goes to show that not everything unlocked from storage can be junk, with the original purpose of storage units meant for car storage.

While you might not find a barn with classic cars hidden away you can still utilise self-storage for your unwanted items or for the things you want to hide for decades only to reveal as part of an internet hoax later on! Contact us at Nationwide Storage today for details on short and long term storage.

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