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The Facts About Emigrating To Australia

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It’s no secret that many people want to emigrate away from the UK and every year plenty of us Brits do. Whether it’s to find a more suitable climate in which to retire, or to find work elsewhere as a necessity for a career, there are plenty of expats dotted around the globe. One popular destination is Australia, desirable because of the sunshine, but also because of a belief that life is simply better there, with lower taxes and higher wages.

Whether you want to emigrate completely to Australia, or if you’re simply looking for a temporary, trial move, take a look at our guide below to find out some of the key things to investigate before you go Down Under.


If you’re planning on emigrating to Australia the chances are that you’re seeking better weather, especially with all the grey skies and rain we get here. But you should always check the climate of the place you intend to move to, Australia is a big country and covers 2,969,907 square miles giving it various climates depending on where you are.

In the centre of Australia you’ll find more desert like conditions, while the northern portions of Queensland regularly hit equatorial temperatures. Along the south-east coast you’ll likely find more temperate states including New South Wales and Victoria, which might be a more suitable match for someone from the UK. The key is to do your research on the place you want to live, ensuring it’s right for you.

Working In Australia

iStock_000009164683MediumWhile the climate might be one of the biggest draws for people, there is also the issue of work to take care of if you want to emigrate successfully. You must match your skills to what the government are currently seeking to be granted permission to move permanently. Check out the Skilled Occupations List for a run down of the areas they are looking for people in.

If you’re not sure about making the permanent swap and you want to check out the Aussie lifestyle a bit first then why not get a working visa? You can travel, work and figure out if it’s truly the kind of place you want to live.


In you daydreaming about a life in Australia you probably haven’t ever factored in crime. For most people it isn’t a huge concern but you have to remember that crime exists all over the globe and that Australia is no exception. At this current moment in time the country is actually seeing a fall in crime, a fall which has been ongoing for around a decade – but it’s worth checking crime statistics for the area you’re keen on moving to for some insight locally. You should also do the same when it comes to education for your family, this way you can try to pair low crime rates with good schools.

Applying With Australia

iStock_000021202813SmallEven if you’ve been dying to make the move all your life, it isn’t a simple process to go through, nor is it a cheap one. It can sometimes take 6-8 months to get the permission you need for the move and can cost over £3000. Hop onto the Australian government website for immigration today to get the process started.

At Nationwide Storage we offer a variety of personal storage option whether you intend to move abroad and want temporary storage before the move, or whether you need a short break and somewhere to keep possessions safe while you travel. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to arrange a storage option which suits your requirements.



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