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Results Of Self Storage Public Survey

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Here in the UK, the self storage industry is still seeing slow growth, with more and more people using storage units for a variety of purposes. In order to analyse the industry in greater detail, and as part of the Self Storage Association’s report, a poll was carried out to gauge the levels of interaction and awareness for the public when it comes to self storage.

The survey included thousands of people to get a better idea of how people of all ages (18 years and over) perceive the industry as a whole.

Have People Heard Of The Service?

Popular in America for decades, we are perhaps a little behind the trend of self storage, and this probably contributes to how many people are unaware of the self storage services available. The majority of people answered that they had heard of the service, but that they didn’t really know much about it as a whole, while a quarter of participants said that they had never heard of the industry at all.

The positive results from the industry, however, indicated that 31% said they knew the industry and knew some details about it. On top of this there was a small group of 7% who knew the industry and had utilised the services. This offers hope that awareness is building and leaves room for growth.

Areas For Improvement?

iStock_000000412024SmallHaving discovered how many people are aware of the industry and the services on offer, it’s also important to find out where these people are located and which areas seem to be lacking in awareness of the industry. The survey showed that the further south you go, the more people know of the industry, while Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland had the lowest figures.

Who Uses The Self Storage Services?

Looking at the last 12 months, the next noteworthy portion of the survey look to find out who actually used the services on offer, as well as who had considered using the service. A huge portion of people, 83% in fact, said that they hadn’t used the service and had not considered doing so in the last year.

Even more surprising were the figures for those who had used the service, 3%, and those who had considered using the service, 8%. This seems to put the growth of the industry into context, as it would seem that there is plenty of potential for business to expand.

How Old Are Users Of The Services?

While location is important for analysing the market, the age of users of self storage is also interesting to look at. While we might think that older generations would need the extra space, it’s the younger generations which are taking advantage of the services on offer.

iStock_000017850961XSmall18-24 along with the 25-34 categories held the largest percentages, showing that it might be the people with the smaller spaces who require the services offered by the self storage industry at this moment in time.


With awareness of self storage on the increase, there’s never been a better time to make use of storage facilities. Get in touch with us at Nationwide Storage today and find out how you can benefit from a variety or storage solutions.

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