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Real Storage Wars – the television hit

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The storage industry has gained recognition across the UK now and it’s only fitting that it should become the focus of a documentary for the BBC in their series Business Boomers.

Real Storage Wars is an insightful look into the storage industry with analysis of all the people who make self-storage work. Credit is given to the American model as being the basis on which our industry is based, with a look at the entrepreneurs who make their millions by taking on the unwanted buildings in the outskirts of cities to use for storage.

Although those men play the biggest role in the boom of the industry there is also plenty of light shed on the people who use storage for a range of purposes and how it’s viewed by those people. In one excerpt we see David Bailey who collects Star Wars statues and other memorabilia, to him the self-storage industry is a life line since he could no longer store any more of these items in his home. The show highlights how important this service is for our society, where we hoard more possessions than ever before.

In juxtaposition to this we also see how companies deal with units which have possessions stored in them, but where owners are behind on payments. One particular unit has no contactable owner and has racked up so much debt that it must be broken into, the things inside have to be sorted and sold to try and make money back, with the empty unit able to once again be rented out.


Many people will have already had experience of using self-storage but for people who haven’t then this documentary offers exclusive insight into how they operate, who owns them and who uses them. The day to day business is dissected but also up for debate is the psychology, as Professor Danny Dorling observes and offers analysis of the way we use storage along with our obsessive nature.

Everyone from the small business to the compulsive hoarder has played a part in shaping the industry, with long term as well as short term contracts available. Ultimately the show allows the viewer to make their own decisions about how well it works for us and whether it’s a healthy thing to have around. What viewers will see is just how far we’ve come, the heavy price some people pay and the part it has played in the fortunes of our economy.

Business bloomersIf you’d like to catch the episode of Business Boomers then check it out on iplayer or catch-up TV. Other episodes include a look at the online shopping giant Amazon and the success of coffee shops around the world.

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