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Picking the right removal company?

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Moving home is a difficult and stressful process and there are so many things you need to take into consideration – none more so than the moving of all your furniture and possessions. The thing most people try to do to get around this is have their family and friends help out. But this could cost you more in the long run if they pull out close to moving day or can’t free up their time enough to help you.

A removals company can help to combat this, as they take on all of those difficult and time consuming tasks for you. They can help pack, lift, transport and unpack to save you from potential injuries – but you need to find the right removals company and services for you, which is where our guide will come in handy.


Is a removals company right for me?

moving boxThere are a handful of people who genuinely don’t require removals services, fitting their basic possessions into their car and not moving very far. But for anyone with big pieces of furniture to move, or long distances to cover, then it’s probably not a good idea to attempt the feat alone.

If you attempt the move whilst relying on friends and family then you might get lucky, but you can never tell how your schedule – or theirs – will pan out. When you get let down close to the move date, or if the date is shifted, you can find yourself having to spend more money than you need to in order to secure removals services.


Get a quote for the best deal

All removal companies are different – they will have different rates and possibly even different services which they can offer. If you get a variety of quotes from different companies, you can weigh up who is the best value and provides the services best suited to you. Get some recommendations too; this will tell you how well they perform and how well they know your area.


Leave enough time to arrange the service

iStock_000017161287XSmallMost removals companies will require plenty of notice, as the best companies fill their schedule well in advance. If you call the day before your move then you’re probably going to be out of luck. The sooner you sort out a moving date and which company you want to help you the better you can plan your other tasks. You’ll also be able to keep them informed of any changes and reduce your stress levels. Keep in mind that the spring and summertime are the busiest periods for removals companies.


Don’t trust cowboys

There are some companies out there only to make quick money with shoddy services, and these are known as the cowboys. It’s important to find a company with reputable testimonies from previous clients and who are either part of a guild or association. Accreditations also signal a trustworthy company as it means they follow safe practice.

If you’re planning a move and need transport options, then contact us at Nationwide Storage today. Our professional team provide removals services to take the stress and strain out of your move – simply get in touch with us and discuss your requirements or for further information.


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