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Moving House? What About Your Gas & Electric?

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One of the first things you’ll need to do when you move home is to get in touch with your current supplier. Your supplier will need to be given 48 hours notice, though you can inform them of your move a lot earlier than that. Look into whether or not there is a cancellation fee concerning your current plan. In the case of some suppliers any cancellation fee may be waived when you move.

There may be an opportunity for you to be connected via your existing supplier at your new home. Though any decision doesn’t have to be made immediately. It’s an idea to make price comparisons first, regarding what are the best energy deals for you. Ensure that your final bill for your last home is sent by your supplier to your new property.

iStock_000013209432SmallIf information about your suppliers isn’t obtained from the current tenants, then you only need to make a couple of calls to discover the energy supplier that’s now supplying you. For information on your gas supplier, you just need to phone 0870 608 1524 on the Meter Number Helpline. There is a charge of 7p per minute for this service, and there will be, in addition, an access charge from your phone company. Area electricity distribution numbers should be called for information on your electricity supplier.

Before you leave your old home, carry out, and write down, a last meter reading on your very last day there. Then give details of your1 readings to your supplier. Keep the readings you’ve taken, and when your last bill appears compare your readings with that. Inform the new tenants who their supplier is. If you’re unsure who the new tenants will be, then you can leave a note that gives them the necessary information.

Once you’re in your new home take a meter reading. This should be done as quickly as you can, as you will then have a better chance of getting a first bill that’s accurate. Next, get in touch with your new supplier, and give them information relating to your move and give them your meter readings. The latter needs to be done so that you are not unfairly charged for energy you haven’t used. You should also remember, that, once you’ve taken possession of the property, you are accountable for any usage.

Note that, as a rule, your new supplier will put you on a Standard tariff. In many instances this will be the most expensive tariff. Once you have all your important details, such as your postcode, name of your supplier and plan name, then it’s time to look for the best deal. This can be done by way of an energy price comparison.
Another thing to consider when moving is storage. If you’re worried about not being able to pack some of your possessions in time, then utilising a storage facility can offer peace of mind. It will also give you more time to sort out things relating to energy suppliers. Here at Nationwide Storage we offer flexible storage options to help you when moving homes.


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