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Dream Home Made From Storage Containers

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With the current trend for larger, open plan living spaces, a surprising resource has recently been employed by some enterprising architects – shipping containers. In Northern Ireland, one man has transformed four old shipping containers into a 1236 square foot dream home worth £133k.

Farmer and architect Patrick Bradley sourced the four 45ft containers from Belfast docks. Installing them in an idyllic setting on family farmland was a little tricky – negotiating the narrow country lanes was just the first hurdle to overcome. The containers were then stacked onto an engineered concrete base and welded into a cross shape, with two below and two above cantilevered over a stream.

enhanced-buzz-26029-1381860681-7However, the base materials did not contain the design specification. Work then began to transform the exterior and interior into luxury accommodation. The outside of the containers was clad in contemporary dark grey and naturally rusted Corten steel, providing a striking and radically modern appearance to this building in an area which is traditionally conservative and traditional in design. Nestled in its beautiful setting, however, its clean cubic lines work brilliantly giving a somewhat Japanese zen feel. A jutting enclosed square balcony is reminiscent of a traditional camera shutter, and an external floating staircase like a dinosaur’s spine leads to an roof level deck.

Inside, the minimalism continues but with no expense spared on the luxury fittings. Huge glass windows flood the house with light and give stunning views of the landscape. Cutting edge contemporary features such as the incredible porcelain hammock suspended bath (which alone cost £16500) pushed the cost up from its estimate of £100k to £133k. The spacious accommodation comprises two bedrooms and large living, kitchen and dining areas as well as that amazing bathroom.

Around the world, builders and designers have begun to embrace the potential provided by these pre-constructed spaces. Some exploit the industrial element of the existing exterior so the shipping container is clearly evident with its ribbed sides and blue or green paint. Others stack and clad the structures in imaginative ways so that the original nature of the material could hardly be guessed at. Structures range from the simple one container guest accommodation, to elaborate large floor plan luxury contemporary homes. The limits are potentially prescribed by the standard container dimensions of 8′x20′ or 8′x40′ but multiples of those can be linked and stacked in ways restricted only by the imagination and the budget.

If creating your dream home from old shipping containers appeals to you, do your research and consult a good architect or builder for advice about any structural reinforcements that may be required when cutting out walls and windows, as well as essential insulation.

For any construction projects, should you need storage for your home contents for a short or long-term period, look at professional and self-storage options such as those provided by us here at Nationwide Storage.

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