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A guide to professional removal companies

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Moving house or relocating your business to new premises can be a daunting prospect. However, choosing the right professional company to organise your move makes all the difference. Having experts to call on for help and advice suddenly makes the whole process more manageable and cuts out a lot of the stress.

So don’t risk a move-it-yourself nightmare – which could end up costing more rather than saving you money, especially if your furniture gets damaged or if you end up injured. The sensible choice is to choose a professional removal company with all the expertise you need. But how do you go about choosing the right firm?


Packing itemsOf course, price is one important factor. You will need to decide what needs moving and which services you require in order to get accurate quotes which can easily be compared. It may be possible for companies to work out what size of van you will need just by talking to you, or they may need to visit in order to draw up an accurate inventory. The price will partly depend on the number of boxes to be moved and the size of larger items, such as sideboards and wardrobes.

A reputable company will look carefully at the goods you have that need moving and work out a detailed quote based on the services you need. As well as the distance involved and the items to be moved, you also need to tell the companies about any other factors which could affect the move, such as stairs or narrow corridors.

Range of Services

Once you have two or three quotes to compare, it might be tempting just to go for the cheapest one, but price isn’t the only thing to bear in mind. Look at exactly what services are being offered by each firm. For instance, does the company provide packing materials, including boxes and tape, and can they arrange specialist moving of difficult items such as pianos? In the case of a business move, can they set up equipment at your new base?

Are different transport options available, and can insurance be included within the package for added peace of mind? You may also want to choose a removals company which can provide secure storage for furniture and other items if needed before the move.


Nationwide Storage - Removals Before making a decision, it is also important to look at the reputation and experience of the various companies, and at how well they know your local area. Take the time to seek out an established removals firm, which has good testimonials from satisfied customers and belongs to an industry association or guild. You need to be sure that you are dealing with reputable removals professionals who will take care of your furniture. If you get someone who causes unnecessary damage, it could end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

As a professional removals company established in London for many years, Nationwide Storage offers great value and has a wealth of experience. Testimonials from our satisfied customers will give you confidence in our services. Contact us now for more information and we can help to make sure that your home or business move goes smoothly from start to finish.

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